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Experience the Heritage & Culture of Nagpur & Vidarbha


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Experience the History, Heritage & Culture with Nagpuri through the series of heritage & cultural walks and tours.

Chronicles of Gonds and Bhosles of Nagpur
Chronicles of Gonds and Bhosles of Nagpur
23 Jun 2024, 8:00 am
Gond Palace, Mahal

Discover Nagpuri

Discover Nagpuri, a cultural odyssey by Ar. Mandira Neware, ex-partner of Orange Odyssey. Unveil Nagpur and Vidarbha through our heritage walks and tours. Immerse in rich history and traditions. Explore specially crafted souvenirs, each narrating a unique Nagpur story. Join 'Nagpuri' for a concise yet enriching exploration of vibrant heritage.

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