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Welcome to Nagpuri – a cultural odyssey curated by Ar. Mandira Neware, the visionary architect and former partner of Orange Odyssey. Nagpuri is not just a brand; it's a celebration of heritage, a journey through time, and an exploration of the rich cultural tapestry that defines Nagpur and Vidarbha.

Ar. Mandira Neware, with her keen understanding of architecture and passion for preserving heritage, brings you a unique and immersive experience through Nagpuri. Having played a pivotal role in the success of Orange Odyssey, she now ventures into a new chapter, dedicating her expertise to unraveling the fascinating stories and hidden gems that make Nagpur and Vidarbha truly special.

At Nagpuri, we believe in the power of heritage walks and cultural tours as vehicles to connect with the soul of a place. Our mission is to take you on a captivating journey, where every step echoes the tales of the past, and every corner reveals the cultural vibrancy of the region. We are committed to showcasing the beauty, history, and traditions that make Nagpur and Vidarbha an enchanting destination for those seeking a deeper connection with the roots of our shared heritage.

In addition to our immersive tours, Nagpuri proudly presents specially designed souvenirs that encapsulate the spirit of Nagpur. Each souvenir tells a unique story about the city, offering you a tangible piece of its rich heritage to carry home. These souvenirs are crafted with love and attention to detail, serving as lasting mementos that keep the memories of your Nagpuri experience alive.

Join us as we traverse the streets steeped in history, visit landmarks that whisper tales of bygone eras, and immerse ourselves in the cultural richness of Nagpur and Vidarbha. Nagpuri is more than a tour – it's an invitation to experience the essence of a region through the eyes of someone deeply passionate about its heritage.

Embark on this cultural odyssey with us, and let Nagpuri be your guide to unlocking the treasures of Nagpur and Vidarbha.

mandira neware

Ar Mandira Neware

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